General Assemblies

General Assemblies of EIPG
Statutory Considerations
All members of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group are called to a General Assembly at least once per year, in one of the member countries chosen by the Bureau. Each Full Member sends a delegation consisting of up to three people. The General Assembly decides on the Annual Report and the accounts for the financial year, future EIPG strategy or policy, the amount of annual fees, terms and conditions for reimbursing expenses incurred by members, new membership applications, and the appointment or reappointment of members of the Bureau.

General Assembly 2017
St. Julians, Malta
EIPG Bureau, delegates and guests at the 2017 General Assembly in Malta.The 2017 General Assembly of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group was held in Malta on the 20th and 21st May. The General Assembly was preceded on the 19th May by a scientific symposium, entitled “Precision Medicine: Paradigm Shifts for Millennial Patients”. The symposium was chaired by Dr Patricia Vella Bonanno, Member of the Management Board of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and a Member of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Nanotechnologies, and featured a video presentation by the Hon. Dr Miriam Dalli, Member of the European Parliament and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), as well as talks by Martin Seychell, Deputy Director-General for Health, DG SANTE, Dr Barbara Freischem, Executive Director, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, Tricia Kennerley, Vice-President Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Dr Romina Briffa from the University of Malta and University of St Andrews.

On the morning of the first day of the Assembly, the EIPG Vice-Presidents presented an overview of the activities of EIPG throughout the past year. Anni Svala presented an update on the various educational projects in which EIPG had been involved throughout the year, as well as the activities in which EIPG had collaborated with EPSA. Piero Iamartino followed with a summary of technical matters, in particular EIPG’s role at the Interested Parties Meeting at the European Medicines Agency. Maurizio Battistini and Jane Nicholson presented updates on EIPG’s activities in connection with the Delegated Reguation on Safety Features and drug shortages. This overview was followed by the presentation of the EIPG Communications Annual Report by Claude Farrugia, as well as a presentation from Dr Paolo Sciacca, Gruppo Editoriale Tecniche Nuove S.p.A., on EIPG’s newsletter project. The morning drew to a close with presentations and messages from their organisations by Dr Barbara Freischem on behalf of EFPIA, Aida Batista on behalf of EAHP, Carolina Martinez-Berganza on behalf of PGEU, Dr Fabio Sonvico on behalf of EUFEPS, Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat on behalf of EUPHA and Črtomir Fleisinger and Ana Marcelino on behalf of EPSA.

EIPG delegates and guests at the 2017 General Assembly in Malta.The afternoon commenced with a presentation by Christian Groß, Aesica Pharmaceuticals Limited, on quality systems and challenges in serialisation, followed by working groups on Quality systems in serialization, led by Maurizio Battistini and Christian Groß, and Value-based outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry, led by Gino Martini and Barbara Freischem. Both groups reported back to the assembly with a number of recommendations. The highlight of the evening dinner held in Mdina was the presentation of EIPG Awards. Jean-Pierre Paccioni was awarded the EIPG Past Presidents Award, and inducted as an EIPG Fellow, while Valérie Lacamoire was awarded the EIPG Outstanding Service Award; Brigitte Saunier accepted the awards on their behalf. Two member associations were awarded the EIPG President’s Award for 2017. Helen Naddy accepted the award on behalf of Pharmacists in Industry Education and Regulatory (PIER), awarded for the key role of the Irish association in launching EIPG Webinars in 2017, while Piero Iamartino accepted the award on behalf of Associazione Farmaceutici dell’Industria (AFI), awarded for the extensive support for EIPG by the Italian association throughout the year.

EIPG delegates and guests at the 2017 General Assembly dinner in Malta.The second day of the General Assembly commenced with the presentation of the Financial Report by the Treasurer, Brigitte Saunier, followed by the strategic plan and budget proposal for 2017-2018 by the President, Claude Farrugia. These were followed by the elections: Giorgos Panoutsopoulos (Greece) was elected to the post of Vice-President Communications while Anni Svala (Finland) was re-elected as Vice-President Education and Training. Presentations were made from various countries about hot topics in the pharmaceutical sector at the national level, and ways in which EIPG could be of assistance to the membership, as well as ways in which the various countries could contribute to EIPG. The Assembly confirmed Morocco as the venue for the General Assembly of 2018, and Hungary as the venue for the General Assembly of 2019, and concluded by thanking the Malta Qualified Persons Association for their efforts in hosting a successful meeting.

General Assembly 2018
At the 2017 General Assembly in Malta, the Bureau of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group confirmed Morocco as the venue for the General Assembly of 2018.

General Assembly 2019
At the 2017 General Assembly in Malta, the Bureau of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group confirmed Hungary as the venue for the General Assembly of 2019.