General Assemblies

General Assemblies of EIPG
Statutory Considerations
All members of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group are called to a General Assembly at least once per year, in one of the member countries chosen by the Bureau. Each Full Member sends a delegation consisting of up to three people. The General Assembly decides on the Annual Report and the accounts for the financial year, future EIPG strategy or policy, the amount of annual fees, terms and conditions for reimbursing expenses incurred by members, new membership applications, and the appointment or reappointment of members of the Bureau.

General Assembly 2016
Paris, France
Delegates from the Member States at the 2016 General Assembly in Paris.The 2016 General Assembly of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group was held in Paris on the 4th and 5th June. The General Assembly was preceded on the 3rd June by a scientific symposium co-organised by the Ordre des Pharmaciens and EIPG, entitled “How medicines have changed over the past 50 years; what developments for the future?”. The symposium was chaired by Professor Jayne Lawrence, RPS Chief Scientist, and featured talks by Frédéric Bassi and Philippe Coatanea from the Ordre des Pharmaciens, Professor François Chast from the Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Centre, and Professor Luigi Martini, from King’s College London. The evening was concluded with the first occasion of the presentation of EIPG Awards. Luigi Martini and Jane Nicholson were both awarded the EIPG Past Presidents Award, and inducted as EIPG Fellows. Pär Tellner received the EIPG Outstanding Service Award, while Roberto Frontini and Pascal Teinturier both received the EIPG President’s Award for 2016.

On the morning of the first day of the Assembly, the EIPG Vice-Presidents presented an overview of the activities of EIPG throughout the past year. Anni Svala presented an update on the various educational projects in which EIPG had been involved throughout the year, as well as the activities in which EIPG had collaborated with EPSA. Piero Iamartino followed with a summary of technical matters, in particular EIPG’s role at the Interested Parties Meeting at the European Medicines Agency. Claude Farrugia, Maurizio Battistini and Jane Nicholson presented updates on EIPG’s activities in connection with the Delegated Reguation on Safety Features and drug shortages. This overview was followed by the presentation of the EIPG Communications Annual Report by Claude Farrugia. The morning drew to a close with presentations and messages from their organisations by Tajda Gala on behalf of EAHP, Antonio Grasso on behalf of PGEU, and Maja Šerčić and Diogo Piedade on behalf of EPSA.

EIPG Bureau and Delegates at the 2016 General Assembly in Paris.In the afternoon, the working group on the Unique Identifier and Quality Systems in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain discussed the impact of the recently issued Delegated Regulation on the roles of industrial pharmacists in quality systems within the pharmaceutical industry. The group proposed a number of recommendations that EIPG should issue. Delegates were advised to start preparing, get involved and participate in the consultation process. In the working group on the job of the industrial pharmacist in 10 years’ time, and his/her educational and professional needs, career pathways for industrial pharmacists, and the key skills needed for students to embark upon them, were discussed. The group highlighted the need for EIPG to continue to collaborate with key European stakeholders and assist in the development of competencies.

The afternoon was brought to a close with the elections of the new President and the Treasurer. Brigitte Saunier (France) was elected uniamously as Treasurer, whilst, following a presentation on the his vision of the future of EIPG based on the three pillars of value, impact, and visibility, Claude Farrugia (Malta) was elected uniamously as President from EIPG, with acclamation.

The EIPG Bureau and Executive with Past Presidents at the 2016 General Assembly in Paris.The second day of the General Assembly commenced with the presentation of the strategic plan for EIPG by the new President, following which the chair of the Financial Committee, Luigi Martini, presented an account of the finances. Presentations were made from various countries about hot topics in the pharmaceutical sector at the national level, and ways in which EIPG could be of assistance to the membership. The Assembly confirmed Malta as the venue for the General Assembly of 2017, and concluded by thanking the Ordre des Pharmaciens for their efforts in hosting a successful meeting.

General Assembly 2018
At the 2017 General Assembly in Malta, the Bureau of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group confirmed Morocco as the venue for the General Assembly of 2018.

General Assembly 2019
At the 2017 General Assembly in Malta, the Bureau of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group confirmed Hungary as the venue for the General Assembly of 2019.