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EIPG Comments on Two EMA Papers for Consultation

The European Industrial Pharmacists Group is preparing comments on two more documents submitted for consultation by the European Medicines Agency. The first document is "Scientific guideline: Concept paper on an addendum on terms and concepts of pharmacogenomic features related to Read more

EIPG Request for Comments on EMA Draft Guideline

The European Medicines Agency have published: Scientific guideline: Draft guideline for the notification of serious breaches of Regulation (EU) No 536/2014 or the clinical trial protocol, draft: consultation open. This guideline outlines the practical arrangements for notification of serious breaches Read more

european Industrial Pharmacy Issue 33 published

The June 2017 issue of european Industrial Pharmacy, the journal of EIPG, has been published, and is now available online in the "EIPG Journal" section of the Read more

European pharmacist organisations make joint call for actions on medicines shortages

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Professor Gino Martini (EIPG Past-President) acted as respondent on the panel “New Models of Innovation for Affordable Medicines” during the meeting “Can EU citizens afford their medicines? The economic crisis and access to medicines in Europe” in the European Parliament on Thursday 16th May.

The meeting included representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, pharmaceutical and medical professions and a large number of non-governmental organisations. John Chave (Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union) and Aida Batista (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists) presented the results of their surveys on medicines shortages. Subsequently, the representative organisations for European community, hospital and industrial pharmacists issued a joint call for action by Governments, regulators and the European Commission to tackle the growing problem of medicines shortages.

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EIPG Feedback on amendments to Directive 2005/36/EC

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EIPG has submitted its feedback to the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Regulation on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market Information System. An update on developments in this consultation process is provided by the European University Association.

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Observations on the latest revision to EU GMP for Computerised Systems

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Retired MHRA Senior Inspector Anthony Trill writes in the Pharmaceutical Journal on the latest revision to EU GMP for computerised systems. With the permission of the author and the Pharmaceutical Journal this article is available on our website.

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