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European Industrial Pharmacy is the electronic journal of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG). The journal contains articles, news and comments of special interest to pharmaceutical scientists and executives working in the European pharmaceutical and allied industries. It is independently managed, has a European Editorial Advisory Board and allows the voices of Industrial Pharmacists to be communicated to as wide an audience as possible.

Scientific Collaboration
Agreement with SFSTP and Éditions de Santé
SFSTP (Société Française des Sciences et Techniques Pharmaceutiques) is a French association dedicated to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and techniques by bringing together the knowledge and energies of different players in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. The Society’s trademark publication, STP Pharma Pratiques, is a bimonthly, bilingual (English and French) journal of industrial pharmacy published by Éditions de Santé. The articles in the journal deal with the technical, industrial and regulatory aspects related to the development, production, control and quality assurance of health, cosmetics and veterinary products, and are sourced mainly from the working commissions of the SFSTP, which are composed of multidisciplinary actors (industrialists, suppliers, supervisory authorities and academics) from various backgrounds (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, veterinary and regulatory). As a result of the efforts of the French members of EIPG, the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens, and in particular the EIPG Immediate Past President Jean-Pierre Paccioni, as well as the SFSTP President Danièle Bordi, and the Éditions de Santé Président Directeur Général Dominique Dupont, at the EIPG General Assembly held in Paris in 2016, an agreement was signed between EIPG, SFSTP and Éditions de Santé, whereby EIPG has been given access to publish articles of interest from back issues of STP Pharma Pratiques in european Industrial Pharmacy, thus enabling European industrial pharmacists to benefit from the work of SFSTP and the proceedings of its annual congress.

The European Industrial Pharmacists Group extends a special thanks to Walgreens Boots Alliance for its kind support of the publication of this journal.

European Industrial Pharmacy
Editorial Comment: To speed or two speed: is that the question?
Claude Farrugia

Why pharmacists should study compaction: Part 1 – Introduction
Michael Gamlen
Tablets remain the largest pharmaceutical dosage form by volume and number. This article discusses the history of the measurement during the compaction process, and the equipment required for the study of compaction in academic, research and development and production environments.

Joint supply chain actors statement on information and medicinal products shortages
The European associations representing manufacturers of medicinal products, parallel distributors, pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacists have announced a series of recommendations on the provision of information, designed to help tackle medicines shortages.

What Brexit means for British Qualified Persons
Malcolm E Brown
British senior pharmacists who are also QPs think Brexit has substantial implications for British QPs and have urgent questions for the British government and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Compatibility of materials in contact with parenteral preparations: risk analysis and strategy
Commission SFSTP, N Sehnal, D Chevaillier, M Feuilloley, S Genot, C Lacaze, A Laschi, Y Legras, I Uettwiller
Compatibility studies on materials in contact with parenteral preparations are designed to demonstrate the absence of alteration of the quality of the finished product due to incompatibilities. This study proposes information and methods to perform the relevant studies in accordance with regulatory requirements and to anticipate possible interactions or elucidate certain quality defects.

Regulatory Review

Pharma in Plenary

Bottled Brown

Jane Nicholson

European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) progress monitoring report


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