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Annex 1 - a focus on its main issues (Webinar)

EIPG and Tecniche Nuove’s next webinar, presented by Dr Francesco Bosci, summarizes the most relevant comments to the V12 draft document of Annex 1 (appendix of Eudralex Vol. 4 EU GMP) as developed by the EIPG national working groups Read more

How a pandemic has affected the pharma industry (Webinar)

In EIPG's and PIER's next webinar, Dr Sheuli Porkess will review the changes in the way research is being undertaken as a result of COVID with the current extraordinary collaboration between industry, academia, charities, foundations and public-private partnerships, and Read more

EIPG publishes updated version of Code of Practice for Qualified Persons

The EIPG Code of Practice for Qualified Persons has been conceived with the aim of offering an updated view of the legal and technical requirements pertaining to the position of the Qualified Person (QP) in Europe. The added value Read more

EIPG Feedback on Concept Paper on Topical Products

The European Medicines Agency recently released a concept paper on the development of a guideline on quality and equivalence of topical products for public consultation. EIPG has reviewed the document and, following feedback from its members, has submitted its comments to the EMA.

Read the EIPG Feedback on the Concept paper

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