EIPG comments on latest Eurostat statistics on international trade in medicinal and pharmaceutical products

The European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) notes with satisfaction the latest figures issued by Eurostat in regards of international trade by Member States of the European Union in medicinal and pharmaceutical products. The figures point to the pharmaceutical industry, in the area of export of medicinal products, as a key contributor to the economy of the European Union, leading other global areas in the sector. This success is due, in no small manner, to the role of professionals operating within the sector, in particular the industrial pharmacist. EIPG therefore takes this opportunity to highlight the importance of the industrial pharmacist as a key professional within the European pharmaceutical industry, and to solicit the importance of ensuring that industrial pharmacy remains a key component of pharmacy curricula throughout Europe, as well as to ensure that suitable opportunities continue to be made available for pharmacy students and graduates choosing this career path.

EIPG also notes that that the importation activity of medicinal and pharmaceutical products within the European Union is second only to that of the United States. This highlights the importance of the various measures within the Falsified Medicines Directive that have the objective of preventing falsified medicinal products from reaching patients in Europe. Here, again, industrial pharmacists are individuals whose role in the setting up of a European medicines verification system throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain must not be underestimated. EIPG, therefore, reiterates its opinion that the presence of professional associations representing industrial pharmacists within organisations responsible for the implementation of the system is important to ensure its success.

The European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) is a European association representing the national, professional organizations of pharmacists employed in the pharmaceutical or allied industries of the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or European countries having a mutual recognition agreement with the European Union on compliance control of regulated medicines.