How a pandemic has affected the pharma industry (Webinar)

In EIPG’s and PIER’s next webinar, Dr Sheuli Porkess will review the changes in the way research is being undertaken as a result of COVID with the current extraordinary collaboration between industry, academia, charities, foundations and public-private partnerships, and contemplate whether these changes are likely to continue in a highly competitive industry. She will discuss how to achieve robust research “at a pace” especially when vaccines for the elderly do not usually produce extensive immune response. She will explain the positive aspects of the management of clinical trials during COVID and whether there are likely to be permanent changes resulting from the experience with COVID. She will reflect on what we have learnt about the sudden switching to manufacture of medicinal products needed in Intensive Care Units and other supportive medicines for COVID patients. She will consider whether the established management systems set up to prevent shortages of medicines are working post-COVID or whether COVID-related medicines are causing shortages of other medicinal products.

This is an event for members of EIPG member organisations, Contact your national association EIPG representative for further information.